Don't Get Caught in Google's Not Secure Crosshairs

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Don't Get Caught in Google's Not Secure Crosshairs

Time’s Up to Avoid “Not Secure” Warnings

Google has officially launched Chrome 68 and, along with it, is now serving up “Not Secure” warnings to visitors that land on any webpage not secured by an SSL certificate. Don’t scare off visitors and send them clicking to competitors. Secure your website today so it instantly earns visitor trust and confidence.

What Does It Mean to Be “Not Secure”?

Websites are served up over a protocol called HTTP, which stands for “hypertext transfer protocol —this is a standard way your computer communicates with the website you’re viewing. A secure site uses a security certificate called SSL, which changes the URL to HTTPS. This added security basically protects your computer’s communications so that it’s harder for other people to listen in and figure out what you’re doing or get the information you’re sending online.

Time’s Up, Act Now So Your Website Isn’t Labeled Not Secure

It’s no surprise that trust is everything online. But you might be surprised to know that, effective this month, Google is now labelling all webpages that aren’t protected by SSL certificates as “Not Secure”.

This Only Applies To Chrome Browsers

If a website visitor is using Firefox, Safari, or even Internet Explorer they won’t see this same exact message — other browsers display something similar warning a user they’re on a non secure site, but for the purpose of this update it only applies to Chrome browsers.

Ultimately, it’s our opinion that it’s in your and your users’ best interest for your site to have a secure certificate and be served over HTTPS. And it’s better to be ready now and work through any potential issues rather than scrambling to get things fixed when Google rolls out its changes. As your trusted advisor, we want to help make sure your website communicates trust and confidence, so visitors engage with you instead of clicking to competitors. Every day that goes by without SSL protection, you’re losing potential customers.

Make it clear to visitors your website is safe and secure. Get your SSL Certificate now.

We guarantee a smooth transition and round-the-clock support to you, our valued customer. For more information, kindly contact the VpsCity team as per our Contact Us page ( 

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