VpsCity caters to your business needs with our Server Colocation Services

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VpsCity caters to your business needs with our Server Colocation Services

Making the leap to outsource your data centre can be both a liberating and harrowing move. On one hand, the transition offloads much of the overhead of IT infrastructure management to the colocation facility, allowing the firm’s staff to focus on other core competencies; on the other hand, relinquishing control of the facilities can be a significant psychological hurdle for the nervous IT manager and staff. Proper assessment of your needs is the first step to a successful migration or initial server deployment to a colocation facility, and for anxious IT folks, an effective means for putting their minds at ease. The following are some guidelines for determining what your needs are when considering colocation facilities and services.


Because colocation facilities charge per space allocated, the amount of required server real estate is often the first consideration to be had. Colocation facilities typically charge per rack, cabinet, or cage and can range from a 1U slot to a farm of servers housed in multiple cages. More often than not, firms will only choose to colocate some of their servers, leaving others residing in-house. For example, a firm’s objective may be to provide better network redundancy and quality of service for its web offerings. The number of servers required to run these services provides the baseline metrics for colocation sizing and requirements.


Once a firm has determined how much space it needs, the next step is to research multiple colocation facilities to find not the lowest cost provider, but the average, fair-priced colocation facilities. Ideally, the providers in question should offer a single price point that includes bandwidth, cabinet space, power and IP addresses. Through this research, you should be able to determine what your needs and requirements are from a cost perspective, and scale up/down based on these findings.

Physical Location

Though most system tasks can be managed remotely these days, IT staff will invariably need to visit the colocation facility to perform in-person administration tasks from time-to-time. To what degree varies per organisation–if frequent trips to the colocation facility are necessary, choosing one that is within close proximity to the firm’s office or place of businesses is highly desirable. At VpsCity, we provide personalised support by our expert staff who will perform in-person administration tasks at the colocation facility as per your requirements. Choose your best option. Our flexible server management options allow you to choose the service model that’s right for your business — whether you just need a place to run your hardware or require hands-on support for your solution.


Some colocation facilities provide 24/7 access to their data centres, while others do not. Depending on the organisation, this may be a critical requirement for a potential provider. Furthermore, how stringent the facility’s security measures are may also be a deciding factor. A company planning to house highly confidential, proprietary, and/or valuable data and dedicated server equipment may require a fully manned, experienced staff patrolling the premises regularly. Closed circuit TV monitoring, individual video monitoring per cage/cabinet, and biometric ID access (fingerprint, hand, or retinal scanning) to server rooms are also common options for highly secure colocation facilities. Based upon the nature of the server resources being co-located, a firm will need to decide what type of security measures are required for potential colocation providers. At VpsCity, we pride ourselves on our ability to secure all our clients data, we ensure the highest level of security and compliancy the data centre industry offers.


Some colocation facilities will provide a fully managed solution, while others will at the most provide a server restart upon request. You will need to determine what your needs and competencies are in this category to make a fully informed decision. If your firm’s IT staff is less experienced and will be needing assistance frequently, a colocation facility with ample technical and help desk support included in the pricing may be desired. In short, there are many factors that come into play when determining your colocation needs. Server Monitoring Tools - Our client portal provides easy to use server tools such as Server Metrics, Bandwidth Usage, Backups and Firewall management.There isn’t any one-size-fits-all solution, as each firm’s requirements differ. The above considerations are some common items to keep in mind when identifying and comparing one’s colocation requirements against the plethora of provider options on the market.

Included Features

Network Port

We provide 100Mbps port as standard with our colocated servers. 1Gbps ports are available.

FREE Ethernet Port for IPMI / LiLo / DRAC

We do not charge for an additional ethernet port for your remote management interface.

Power & Network Cabling

We will supply all network and power cabling that is necessary to get your server up and running.

Online UPS + Generator Supply

Our data centre is supplied with 100% fully online clean power backed by diesel generator should the power fail.

VpsCity Managed 1U - 4U Colocation Service

Redundant Power and Cooling

We are committed to providing you with the power to keep going—literally. Our data centres operate with N+1 redundancy on all our power sources as well as state-of-the-art cooling systems. Rest assured that our UPS and PDU systems are working full force.

Save Money

Colocation in one of our state-of-the art data centres lets you lower costs associated with operating infrastructure in-house, such as power, bandwidth and networking.

Local Traffic (Unmetered - Fair Use)

The amount of network traffic that can be used by the colocated server within New Zealand (100 Mb/s).

International Traffic (500 GB - Fair Use)

The amount of network traffic that can be used by the colocated server Internationally (100 Mb/s).

24x7x365 Support

We are available 24x7 to service your requests, just call us on our 0800 Emergency Callout Number.

New Zealand Data Centre

Located in the Auckland CBD we operate out of a premium data centre facility, with easy access from all parts of Auckland.

Setup Cost ($99.95)

Software installation, port configuration and installation.

Colocation hosting offers you the opportunity to have your server kept in a premiere colocation facility dedicated specifically to the needs of the colocation server. Such features as Fire-proof facility, video surveillance and high bandwidth make this an extremely enticing option. Contact us today to learn more about our colocation services and let VpsCity empower your business.

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