Cloud Based Remote Desktop Hosting

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Cloud Based Remote Desktop Hosting

Businesses face the challenge of reducing operational costs and improving productivity, all while attracting new customers and growing to increase profitability. It’s important that as a business owner you get the most out of your resources in order to stay competitive. A common struggle among businesses continues to be IT – lack of resources, personnel and budget, and how to best utilise these limited resources. If you haven’t moved to the cloud, you are probably considering it. Determining what you should move to the cloud first is a big decision regardless of your size. Current resources, capacity and budget are all factors that contribute to your decision, but where should you start?

Our Cloud Based Desktop Hosting Features

  • Dedicated OS environment, compatible with all PCs, Macs, Tablets, and more.
  • High speed, redundant network with 100% availability.
  • Secure access environment, encrypted communication between your office and the cloud gives your business industry leading security for your hosted desktops.
  • Active virus scanning of all files on the cluster, strict group policies that prevent a virus from spreading should one in the unlikely event happen to get onto the cluster.
  • Managed backups of your hosted desktop infrastructure. Our remote desktop cluster is backed up every hour and backups are stored in two separate locations across our NZ data centres.
  • Customise applications and add your favoured applications to your remote desktop.
  • Easy collaboration, you are able to share files easily with your co-workers.
  • Enjoy consistent access to all of your most critical files through the cloud.
  • Enjoy Local printing, copy files to and from the server as if it is all running on your computer.
  • Our expert team will manage your environment to your specifications ensuring security and performance is always optimal.

Linux Desktop CentOS

CentOS includes built-in support for remote desktop access. This provides two extremely useful features. It enables you or another person to view and interact with your CentOS desktop environment from another computer system either on the same network or over the internet. This is useful if you need to work on your computer when you are away from your desk such as while traveling. It is also useful in situations where a co-worker or IT support technician needs access to your desktop to resolve a problem.

Microsoft Desktop

With the Remote Desktop app, you can connect to a remote PC and your work resources from almost anywhere. Have all your applications in one place and feel secure that your documents and critical information is being backed up in our cloud right here in New Zealand.

Microsoft Desktop Features

See all your remote connections on the home screen and open them with a single touch. Access and manage work resources published via RemoteApp and Desktop Connections. Connect to multiple remote desktops at the same time. Keep an eye on different sessions while you multi-task. Navigate applications in your remote session easily using the touch keyboard, the Touch Pointer, Rotation and Zoom. Automatically detect and optimise your connection quality. Customise settings for all remote connections at once or individually.

Cloud Based Desktop Hosting

A cloud based desktop is a great place to start if you are looking for data integrity and mobility. It is a fully managed, virtual desktop that is hosted in the cloud. Cloud desktops run from a our data centre in Auckland and are secure and protected. It’s like a PC in the cloud – including applications, data and security. Cloud based desktops allow employees to have the same experience regardless of where they are working from. Employees can login from a laptop, desktop, iPad, or Android device and have access to the same workspace regardless. There are several benefits for a business to migrate to a cloud based desktop solution. It makes working remotely a possibility.

For organisations seeking superior cloud desktop hosting, VpsCity provides cloud desktop services that are the choice of enterprises around the world. We offer a persistent desktop instance in the cloud that is managed by a team of experts; planning, implementing and maintaining your environment to ensure optimal performance and high availability.

Our Cloud Based Desktop Hosting increases efficiency

If your business has employees collaborating on projects from different geographical locations, they will benefit from a cloud desktop. A cloud based desktop allows employees to share files, collaborate and make changes to the same document – all in real time. It can help to improve efficiency and productivity and time management and having the ability to access information from anywhere is important for any business.

Remote Desktops allow you to be competitive

Being competitive is critical for all businesses. Cloud based desktops will allow you to focus on what you need to do to grow your business and worry less about IT. The benefit of not having to store everything on a local desktop or hard drive allows you to work remotely – wherever your business takes you. The number of companies that have a remote workforce is also growing. Virtual workforces are also becoming quite common, with some organisations hiring only virtual workers, meaning they only connect and interact digitally versus having physical offices. Cloud desktops allow unrestricted resources anywhere geographically, enabling you to stay competitive with larger corporations by leaving IT tasks to your provider.

Our Cloud Desktops satisfy the IT resource void

IT resources are a challenge for businesses that may not have the budget for an in-house IT administrator and costly infrastructure. Cloud based desktops are a perfect solution in this scenario. Rather than investing in hardware or hiring an IT administrator, a cloud desktop solution through VpsCity is more economical. They also prevent the need for regular repairing and updates, as Web-based updates are distributed regularly, without the time-consuming chore having to be done by an IT manager.

Our Cloud Desktop Hosting reduces costs

Infrastructure costs can be hard to attain, and for start-up businesses nearly impossible. At the rate at which technology is changing, upgrading infrastructure can be a costly expense. The start-up costs for cloud based desktops are relatively inexpensive in comparison to a large infrastructure cost. This allows a cash-strapped organisation to pay for only what they need, when they need it. There are rarely any upfront costs. This will eliminate the need to pay for expensive hardware that needs to be updated regularly. If your business is a start-up and you plan to add additional employees as it grows, our cloud desktop is a scalable option because it can grow as your company grows. They are less expensive than costly infrastructure, especially when you factor in maintenance. Storing and managing this through VpsCity will reduce your IT costs significantly.

Enhanced security

A cloud based desktop can help lessen the headaches associated with security. With a cloud desktop, the data isn’t stored on the device, so if an employee loses his or her PC, phone or tablet, data is never compromised. The laptop becomes merely a device through which you access your data with the help of a username and password. Even if you lose your laptop, it doesn’t mean someone else will be able to access your data. All data is SSL protected and data transfer is encrypted. The user can be simply removed from the main system and any access to that data is locked down permanently. Security breaches for a small business can mean the end. If you own a small business that suffers a security breach or a disaster, recovery is many times faster in our cloud.

Cloud Desktops helps businesses

Whatever your business goal is - growing your workforce, increasing efficiency or reducing costs - a cloud desktop is simply something you can’t do without. If you would like to know more about how our cloud based desktop products can help your business, contact us today for a personalised consultation.

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