All Fired Up - Learn more about our all new Firewall solution

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All Fired Up - Learn more about our all new Firewall solution

As the name suggests, a firewall acts as a barrier between your server and the Internet. Firewalls not only prevent unapproved access to your server or network, they also hide your Internet-connected server from view.

We have also pre-created templates, allowing clients to select and modify their firewall accordingly, resulting in the perfect fit for your server. For example, if you have cPanel, we have a template that will automatically allow all the ports that cPanel and WHM require to operate.

We have adjusted our access policy rules, and built-in time based elements. The rule will apply for a period of time and expire on a specified date. You are able to select times and the days the rule is in action. 

The interface has been designed to be easy to use and at the same time cater for advanced and novice administration alike. Firewall rules are applied immediately and statistics are gathered to show performance.

One of the key benefits of this new firewall is that it is impossible to lock yourself out of your server because it is a hardware based firewall that is situated directly at the entrance and exit of the servers private VLAN and is administered from within our client portal. This gives the server the best security as the only way for traffic to enter or exit the server is via the firewall.

Clients are now able to add firewall rules for outbound and inbound connections as well, making the firewall bidirectional.

We at VpsCity understand the need for comprehensive network security, and after many months of development we are pleased to release our all new and improved firewall. The VpsCity firewall offers an intuitive and comprehensive cost-effective solution to keeping your server safe and also keeping your mission critical applications protected.

Our clients are now able to utilise the feature of accepting and or restricting certain traffic from different countries. This geographically forces control over network traffic. By simply logging into our client portal, selecting your server from the services and progressing to the firewall option, you can effortlessly control all traffic at the click of a button.

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