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With a comprehensive offering that includes compute, storage, network, bare metal, and container services, VpsCity’s infrastructure services drive business value. Our enterprise-grade cloud enables organisations to run any workload at any time, while innovative migration tools pave the way by simplifying how organisations migrate on-premises workloads to the cloud.

All cloud computing services, it provides access to computing resources in a virtualised environment, “the Cloud”, across a public connection, usually the internet. With IaaS, however, the client is given access to virtualised components in order to build their own IT platforms.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service, or IaaS, is the provisioning of the basic computing resources required to deploy enterprise systems over the Internet. This includes storage, hardware, servers and networking components. With IaaS, the physical infrastructure of IT systems is typically moved off site and a service provider, like VpsCity, grants access to a virtualised environment of computing resources to its customers.

VpsCity has created a set of infrastructure offerings that we operate and manage on behalf of our clients; by packaging these services with focused managed services we are able to deliver a full IT service for each customer which is tailored to their requirements.

Server Infrastructure

VpsCity's Server Infrastructure offer a suite of services to fulfil all the server requirements of organisations. We provide assistance in administering the server environment which includes directory services, operating systems and data protection. Our services are customisable to suit the requirements of our clients, so that they can rely on us for specific tasks as well as for entire server infrastructure management. 

Cloud Backup

VpsCity offers a complete cloud backup solution for your business. Your data is backed up automatically to one of our Auckland data centres where it is stored on mirrored and redundant storage arrays. The backup data is replicated to a second data centre. The entire solution is monitored and supported 24/7/365 by VpsCity.

Cloud Connect

VpsCity offers different broadband plans including Business aDSL, Business vDSL, Business UFB and Business WiFi along with the high-speed data transfer rate. Enjoy uninterrupted broadband services with service level guaranteed performance

Cloud Desktop

Our Cloud Desktop is designed to allow users to have access to all of their data, applications and their company’s network from any location. It’s accessible from the office, during business trips or even when working from home. Our solution can place a whole corporate organisation’s infrastructure into the cloud, allowing users to easily share data and core business applications.

Cloud Security

For all organisations, data protection is of paramount importance. We ensure that our firewall services deliver end-to-end network security for the industry’s best protection against the most advanced security threats and targeted attacks. Our firewall is designed for performance with maximum throughput with firewall acceleration across all packet sizes, accelerated UTM content processing, and high speed, secure VPN access. With Cloud Security, we also offer our clients different SSL certificates which ensures that the transmission of information and data passed between the browser and the server is private.

Without a doubt, Infrastructure-as-a-Service - and cloud computing in general - will continue to evolve in the years ahead, pushing us to further define and refine the space and tailor our services to meet changing enterprise needs in the new IT landscape.


IaaS can offer many benefits to enterprise customers to create cost effective and easily scalable IT solutions where the complexities and expenses of managing the underlying hardware are outsourced to the cloud provider.

There are particular benefits where the scale of operations fluctuates, or where a business is looking to expand, as they can tap into the cloud resource as and when they need it rather than purchase, install and integrate hardware themselves.

Discover how VpsCity's IaaS cloud administration can free your organisation from technical complexities and increasing expenses related with running a secure and adaptable IT infrastructure.