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Optimised Server Solutions

Optimised servers use certain methods to increase the efficiency of data processing, application distribution and overall server performance. Usual practices for strengthening server performance include the consolidation of physical hardware within a data centre and the technique of server virtualisation. 

When a company relies on the availability and functionality of its network for everyday business practices, that network should be working at maximum efficiency. Optimised servers can help deliver this level of performance through the consolidation of resources and the reduction of excess expenditures. When applying a server consolidation solution, organisations can take advantage of under-utilised servers by merging their processing workload with other servers. With this technique, a single server can support multiple application and operating systems while supporting a greater number of users. While the merging of resources is key to optimising server throughput, security must also be taken into account. Proper security measures can help maintain ideal performance levels by monitoring and analysing traffic for potential threats. 

As an enterprise evaluates the overall performance of its network to determine which optimised server solution it needs, it must examine the level of application availability and usability experienced by end-users. Are applications easy to access and use? Are they being delivered across the network in reasonable times? With the right optimised server system, organisations can achieve this increased performance.

VpsCity offers the most advanced optimised server solutions in the industry. By enhancing server infrastructure resources and enabling seamless consolidation and high scalability, our solutions drive productivity and return on investment. We offer an extensive range of optimised solutions, all available on either a Cloud Server or Virtual Private Server (VPS).

Our Cloud Servers utilise multiple servers connected together in a cluster which are backed by multiple storage area networks with SSD arrays in RAID10 configuration. Customers utilising our Cloud Platform will benefit from our High Availability Cluster, Maximum Bandwidth, Managed Load Balancing and no ties to a specific piece of hardware.

Our Virtual Private Servers utilise one physical server, split into several smaller server slices that each act as their own server environment. By separating applications and programs within one virtual server that’s set aside exclusively for you and provides high levels of privacy, security and control.

Optimised Server Types

We boast a comprehensive range of optimised server solutions to completely accommodate all your needs.

Memory Optimised

Memory optimised servers have larger allocations of low-latency RAM for memory-intensive applications like caching servers, in-memory analytics, and search indexes.

CPU Optimised

The CPU controls how well a server performs tasks. The CPU handles all calculations a computer requires to function. Optimising the speed at which the CPU runs, increases performance and allows the server to perform CPU-heavy tasks. CPU Optimised Servers have a high CPU allocation to optimise the server for applications with high CPU demands, like web servers and application servers.

I/O Optimised 

I/O optimised servers are allocated priority networking resources and use local high-speed SSD drives for storage. Our I/O Optimised Servers work best for applications that require frequent or sustained disk access, like databases and require large storage space.

Businesses wishing to enhance the availability and overall performance of the servers within their data centre can benefit from the advantages of optimised servers. Through processes such as physical hardware consolidation and server virtualisation, businesses can optimise the way business-critical data is processed and distributed. Whether an organisation is delivering business applications and information to a local office network, or offering application resources to remote and mobile users across the globe, applying an optimised server solution can provide the flexibility, scalability and accessibility needed to reduce costs, comply with regulatory pressures and achieve business goals now, and in the future.

Our powerful optimised servers offer expandability along with reliability and space. Reliability features are available to protect mission-critical applications while providing efficient use of space. VpsCity offers a comprehensive line of optimised servers to help match your business' performance and scalability requirements.

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