What is Your Data Insurance Policy?

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What is Your Data Insurance Policy?

As a company dealing with large volumes of data for a myriad of different clients on a daily basis, we have first-hand experience of the panic that sets in when data is lost or systems go down. Seemingly calm individuals are transformed into raging lunatics when the fear of major data loss sets in.

By their very nature, backups are inconspicuous and hold little value as they sit in the background gathering virtual dust and providing zero functionality to the overall IT systems.

In stark contrast, when systems are compromised, data is lost or held ransom and as a result, a business cannot function - those virtual dust gathering pieces of binary data suddenly become critical to survival!

It may come as a surprise that VpsCity's backup and retention services are incredibly cost-effective considering their value during a time of data distress.

A daily server backup is available at only $5 / month and additional retentions at $5 each - so for the price of a coffee, your business is protected against disaster. It's really a no-brainer!

VpsCity's client portal includes a user-friendly backup management system which means you could have your backups all set up and configured within 5 minutes - granular restoring is also an equally simple, user-friendly process.

Our $5 / retention backup offering is obviously the simplest disaster recovery plan, however, we also offer multi-site Cloud Storage which enables intricate and granular off-site backup configurations to cater for businesses with high data availability requirements.

Get in contact with our sales team today and let us work out the perfect backup solution for you and your business.

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