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VpsCity - Cloud Migration Services

VpsCity delivers the power of the cloud without the expense of maintaining staff and tools to get there. It's your cloud strategy without the stress.

With growing business demand, IT capacity for innovation is decreasing. Infrastructure is all packed up with the applications. To fill the gap between growing business demand and IT capacity to accommodate new services, infrastructure needs to be freed up.

Consultation with the customer helps understand your business goals. We protect your business against possible disruption and develop a strategy for achieving your business goals while maintaining continuity. We work with customers to meet their timelines and needs and commit to a deployment schedule. We can work with public cloud providers or work within a private cloud to stand up infrastructure, platforms or applications. We fine tune the cloud to your requirements this increases customer comfort with our cloud-based service.

The promise of the cloud. The guarantee of mission-proven security. We help customers make cloud computing work for their enterprise. Automated migration tools. Sophisticated architecture built on years deploying cloud computing for intelligence customers. It's cloud so well thought-out, the only thing you'll notice is the savings.

We help customers modernise and integrate sprawling IT enterprises into manageable cloud-based assets.

We understand cloud migration is a process and part of a larger IT lifecycle to provide the best IT tools to our customers. We develop management plans and scalability to help transform your enterprise today and prepare it for growth tomorrow.

Most importantly, VpsCity provides a steady partner for a complex process. Our solutions aren't one size fits all or limited by our own proprietary tools. We can help integrate your cloud into an enterprise or leverage commercial service providers. We find solutions that fit our customers’ needs and allow growth, scalability and simplicity in management. As an enterprise service provider, we offer full lifecycle from consulting thorough hybrid IT management, all wrapped in our foundational commitment to security.

No matter the solution, we put your mission first.

VpsCity are currently working on several large projects that involve migrating complex network deployments across New Zealand. We would love to talk to you about what we can do to ease your IT frustrations and migrate your business into our Cloud. Why not give us a call today?

Our Cloud Migration Services help in moving infrastructure, applications and business processes of an organisation to cloud, thus freeing the infrastructure. Cloud migration is necessary to bridge the gap in business demand and IT capacity. Cloud Migration Services identify areas of risk and opportunities for improving the performance and availability of critical business functions. Our solutions mitigate risk, maximise performance and invoke robust, repeatable processes leading to future business growth.

We help customers move virtual and physical assets into the cloud and between clouds. We work closely with customers to understand their needs, then develop a cloud migration strategy that provides optimum mission benefit.

Services we offer

·     Infrastructure Migration: VpsCity provides services for migration of infrastructure to the cloud.

·     Data Migration: Our framework is a standardised, repeatable, and reusable platform to enable end to end Data Migrations.

·     Platform Migration: We have hands-on-experience in developing and migrating applications on several leading platforms.

·     Application Migration: We have a proven framework for accurate, predictable, and accelerated move to the cloud.

We save customers the time of manual migration and the expense of rebuilding applications in the cloud.

We help lift server workloads directly from existing environments and deploy into a new environment, while maintaining security for your business.

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