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VpsCity Management Platform

How We Help

We provide integrated, real-time views of your entire range of products and services.

We build dashboards, and leverage role-based reporting to deliver the most relevant information to the most relevant personnel. Clients are given access through the VpsCity Client Portal.

Automate Workflows

Lower overhead and return labour hours through automated processes. We eliminate process bottlenecks before they impact mission and help customers use only as much IT as they need.

Deliver Availability

Our large-scale system and network monitoring ensures reliability so your mission never has to wait for IT to catch up.


Manage internal and external teams and service agreements in even the most complex, secure environments.

Enterprise Security

Security is an integral component as we ensure the very best is provided to all our customers. We ensure multilevel security for all environments.

Mission-Scale Enterprise

We manage enterprises precisely aligned to mission need. No more. No less.

We manage, align and maintain IT enterprises as reliable, driven and mission-focused as you are.

VpsCity provides fully integrated, real-time views of the operational health of your IT environment. Our customer-focused approach leverages the best IT management tools for your needs, integrated to present a clear, easy-to-navigate enterprise. Our commitment to IT automation and a constant focus on technology optimisation produce a scalable, mission-enabled infrastructure which maximises resource utilisation and decreases total cost of ownership. 

We unite the broad array of dashboards and tools which monitor every part of your enterprise, then synthesise data from the sprawling IT landscape into simple, actionable intelligence, continuously correlating operational health to mission impact. We present information clearly and intelligibly, through our dashboards and real-time mission-watch reporting. 

Most enterprises are like puzzle pieces drawn from different boxes. Our enterprise management and monitoring solution puts the pieces together so you can focus on your goals, not your technology. 

VpsCity – The Easier Way

At VpsCity we build a customised fit for your enterprise. Most enterprises these days are becomingly increasingly complex. We leverage public and private clouds, data centres, and infrastructure both virtual and physical. We ensure our technology brings the promise of increased efficiency, but with the added complexity. 

Our solutions allow our customers to harness the promise of the modern enterprise without the pitfalls and cost of managing it themselves. Our Client Portal which is a user configurable service portal, provides a simple front door to your IT enterprise. Dashboards and mission-impact monitoring provide constant insight into your enterprise without requiring your constant attention.

Our management framework supports full end-to-end monitoring and agile growth, wherever your mission leads.

Response at the Speed of Need

Our 24x7x365 monitoring support services and automated response expertise means faster time to solutions and faster time to communication of issue and potential impacts. Most importantly, it means an expert partner in enterprise management.

You focus on mission. We focus on everything that supports it.

Providing dynamic transformation in alignment with each customer's mission, strategies and vision. Approaching our responsibilities with the intensity expected of a mission-critical IT provider. Working within a framework of people, processes and technologies.

Our Corporate Culture

Our corporate culture is marked by:

·     Unity in mission

·     Pride in our role in protecting your vital interests and ensuring the best security services

·     Relentless innovation

·     Teamwork

·     Investment in our employees

VpsCity delivers the power of your IT enterprise without the burden of complex management. Automation of workflows. Visibility in operations. Security as a promise. We manage and optimise your enterprise so you can manage your mission.

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