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Value now and in the future

Organisations are often required to do more with less and often it’s difficult to justify the cost of a managed security service because its value is based on future performance. What are the alternatives?

VpsCity can provide you with an independent, full-service security monitoring system which will lower your costs by reducing your risk on the basis of:

• the range, depth, sophistication, and scalability of our technologies

• the quality of the human intelligence networks we maintain and deploy

• the metrics and certifications we use to measure and audit performance in predicting and immediately responding to your threats

A holistic approach focused on business value

We have systems designed to manage and operate your infrastructure in a way that ensures that all your policy, compliance, performance, availability, and capacity needs are met. We cover people, processes, technology, and threat insight and support outsourced, cloud-based, and security infrastructures across multiple vendors and technologies.

Our holistic approach to security is also flexible. We help you determine which aspects of your security estate are best managed in-house with internal resources and monitoring tools, and which are best outsourced to us.

We not only give you access to the world’s most sophisticated security management platform and most advanced technology, we also have the resources to allocate dedicated engineers to your particular organisation.

Our client portal presents service-specific data, such as user access failures to a specific asset, performance monitoring data for specific assets, etc. We also combine vulnerability, severity, and asset criticality information to quickly identify, rank, and address violations and vulnerabilities on networked systems and devices.

All our Managed Services for Security include:

  • 24/7 technical phone support
  • around-the-clock security monitoring and maintenance
  • access to the client portal
  • comprehensive reporting

Our data protection solutions also offer unmatched value, with low initial and ongoing costs, improving customers' overall IT infrastructure efficiency. We do all this without compromising on features and functionality. Our data protection products have intelligent advanced management features, they also save staff time and operational costs. This focus on providing high-value, cost-effective solutions with industry-leading features and functionality results in a significant return on investment.

At VpsCity, we focus on not only meeting your current data protection needs but also helping you transition cost-effectively as new challenges and opportunities arise. We recognise that you can't always anticipate what your future needs will be, which is why our data protection solutions are flexible and scale from the entry-level to the enterprise.

Finally, we're committed to helping our customers make the transition to virtual environments. We can help you consolidate physical and virtual server data protection by combining the strength of our systems.

Whatever the size of your organisation, VpsCity is committed to providing the knowledge, experience, and solutions to help meet your data protection needs.

While the security landscape is becoming more complex and threats more pervasive, a sophisticated ability to not only counteract but also pre-empt attacks, is available.

Security has become a much deeper executive discussion because of the modern diversity of channels through which businesses can be attacked. Most businesses need to manage a range of technologies provided by a variety of vendors, all of whose security approaches, as built into their technologies, are different. And, of course, the regulatory environment calls for an increasing number of types and levels of proven compliance.

Adding pressure to organisations is the fact that technologies, business models, regulatory environments, and the threat landscape are evolving continuously. So, security has become a broad discipline that affects the entire organisation and calls for a range of highly specialised and dynamic skills and technologies that most businesses don’t currently have.

VpsCity has learned that the answer lies in understanding how profoundly security has changed in recent years. Most organisations have firewalls, antivirus, and network intrusion prevention systems in place. Research shows, though, that they simply don’t have the workforce or technology to maintain them efficiently. Systems are not patched regularly. As a consequence, organisations don’t know whether or not they’ve been attacked and aren’t taking proactive steps.

However, achieving this necessitates a fundamental change in security focus as well as significant investment. You need industrial strength levels of documentation, processes, and procedures. You need enough highly qualified engineers to man your security systems 24/7, analyse the information from them continuously, and be able to respond immediately. You need to continuously update your technology. The best way to achieve this successfully and affordably is through managing your security with VpsCity.

VpsCity Managed Services for Security

These include:

24x7 Monitoring with eMail and SmS notifications

We will add your server to our monitoring system and monitor any ports and protocols that you require. We will gather historical data and graphs for whatever we monitor and make them available to you at any time. All alerts will be sent to you via SmS and eMail. We ensure that your email gateway technologies are monitored and managed effectively, to provide continued protection from information leakage and from viruses, trojans, spyware, and malicious code distributed via email

Server Protection Plan

Includes Managed Firewall, Managed Daily Backups and 24x7 Monitoring with SMS and eMail notifications.

Managed Firewall

We will manage a firewall to protect your server from the Internet and open any ports or protocols that you require. It protects your key information assets across networks, hosts, applications, and databases.

Managed Web Application Firewall

This protects your key information assets across Web-based applications.

Managed Web Gateway

We ensure that your Web gateway technologies are monitored and managed effectively, to provide continued protection from information leakage and from viruses, trojans, spyware and malicious code distributed via the Web.

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