Benefits of Cloud-Based VoIP

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Benefits of Cloud-Based VoIP

Although many companies have already begun to use the cloud for their everyday business needs, this tool’s capabilities expand far beyond the day-to-day operational processes. By integrating cloud-based VoIP into your firm, IT professionals can spend more time tending to core business technologies instead of having to troubleshoot and maintain phone systems.

Additionally, VoIP phone systems update themselves without hassle, and therefore do not require the attention of on-site employees. This also translates into an integrated emergency plan that companies do not need to worry about. In addition to easing employees’ workloads in the office, cloud-based systems can break through geographical boundaries by allowing your company’s workforce to access important information wherever they are. Business leaders will also enjoy the easy expansion that VoIP systems provide. By breaking away from the limitations of on-site phone systems, companies can add as many users and features as they desire.

The purpose behind the commonness of VoIP is that it gives huge advantages contrasted with legacy telephone frameworks.

Reduce IT workload

IT pros have so much work to do, other than maintaining and troubleshooting phone systems. The cloud provisions the resources required, nearly eliminating the need for on-premise setup.

Ease of update

With the cloud, you can easily update your phone systems’ software remotely. Instead of doing the system upgrade one by one, cloud-based VoIP system upgrades impact the entire systems.

Our Core Voice Services cover all types of calls, providing a secure, always-on network with excellent call quality (that’s a promise we’ll put our money on), 24/7 technical support, and economical per-second billing. We also offer value-added services like analytics and hosted call reporting.

The system supports Call Management and Voicemail as well as a custom greeting feature with IVR and custom call routing. It also supports both a Fax2email and Email2fax feature and conference facilities can be scaled to as many as required. All VoIP endpoints are managed and deployed from the VpsCity network, and the helpdesk support team in the Auckland data centre. The telephony system provides interconnected phone lines and high quality calls. VpsCity provides full support services for the IP telephony systems and infrastructure.

Every business needs telephones and for small businesses that want to grow, the stakes are particularly high. Often the first contact with customers takes place over the phone. It’s also the main connection to employees, partners and vendors. The quality and reliability of the telephone system not only makes business possible, but it also gives customers a taste of the professionalism and personality of the company.

Given the cost and resource advantages of cloud-based applications and platforms many small businesses are turning to cloud-based phone systems. There are compelling advantages of a cloud-based solution that go far beyond cost as well as considerations to explore before making the move.

When it comes to flexibility, management and features, the advantages of a managed, cloud-based telephone solution for small business are undeniable. However, the landscape is evolving and business owners should understand exactly what they are getting, who they are partnering with and make solid long-term choices for their organisation.

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Support to flexible/remote working

Your phone systems extend beyond the walled office. You can easily scale your phone systems to meet your business demands, such as accommodating flexible work arrangements.

Disaster recovery

The cloud provides integrated recovery plans and protocols should disaster strikes. Everything is set up via a centralized operational panel, including setting up rules for data backup.

Expand as needed

No more limitations – you can scale up/down your phone systems in real time – thanks to the cloud. No more expensive system upgrade of the conventional phone systems.

Rich Features

VoIP provides rich features like click-to-call on a web page, Find-Me-Follow-Me (FMFM), selective call forwarding, personalised ring tones (or ringback tone), simultaneous rings on multiple phones, selective area or country code, and so on.

Integration and Collaboration

VoIP protocols (such as Session Initiation Protocol [SIP], H.323) run on the application layer and are able to integrate or collaborate with other applications such as email, web browser, instant messenger, social-networking applications, and so on.

Phone Portability

The legacy phone system assigns a phone number with a dedicated line, so you generally cannot move your home phone to another place if you want to use the same phone number.

Cost Savings

The most attractive feature of VoIP is its cost-saving potential. When we move away from public switched telephone networks, long-distance phone calls become inexpensive.

User Control Interface

VpsCity provide a user control interface, typically a web GUI, to their customers so that they can change features, options, and services dynamically.

Rich Media Service

The legacy phone system mainly provides voice and fax service even though limited video service is possible.

Service Mobility

The context of mobility here includes service mobility as well.

No Geographical Boundary

The VoIP service area becomes virtualised without geographical limit.

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