VpsCity - The Definition of Outsourcing IT Success

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VpsCity - The Definition of Outsourcing IT Success

Outsourcing makes good business sense

Businesses often cringe at the thought of outsourcing their IT infrastructure because they want to retain their autonomy and remain in complete control. But if you adopt this practice, you will not be shaping your IT department for the future. As more cloud services become available, businesses must ensure that the IT department is in the best position to support them and seamlessly integrate these services into one logical business process.

When the core focus of your business isn’t technology, it makes no sense to pour effort and resources into building and maintaining IT infrastructure, like a data centre. This investment puts unnecessary pressure on the business because you will have to recruit and retain a team of highly skilled IT professionals. Outsourcing your IT infrastructure gives your business access to top-quality talent at a more affordable cost.

At VpsCity we are guided by three core principles that include creating for community, building for better and delivering with the best. Our solutions are designed to support your business and include connectivity solutions, data centres, security services, cloud services, as well as communications. These solutions offer flexibility with the option to scale as your business needs change. We also provide 24/7 support to our clients to ensure we help you on your journey to business success. 

Any form of technology is expensive, and making the wrong decision can lead to costly mistakes. With our extensive experience, we will help you make the right technical decisions when choosing VpsCity. Outsourcing with VpsCity is a good business investment because we have an extensive amount of experience in this industry and have a significant infrastructure across New Zealand and Australia. So, start planning your investment today and choose VpsCity.

When it comes to the current status quo of IT infrastructure, businesses find themselves in between these two. Old IT architecture slows down business operations and is more vulnerable to security risks and downtime which could lead to data loss. But where do we go from here?

Business executives and IT leaders need to decide which solution is best for their business – purchasing and maintaining servers, storage, networking and other IT infrastructure elements themselves, or outsourcing their IT operations. Choosing to manage IT within your business could mean having to deal with equipment becoming outdated and obsolete quite quickly. In addition, businesses could save a lot of money by outsourcing their IT solutions, and this money can be more strategically applied to support core business growth.

Whether you are a small business seeking the flexibility to scale on demand or a large enterprise looking to make the most of your IT operations, there are considerations when outsourcing your IT.


Organisations need to evaluate what level of support their business strategies require and ensure their provider can supply it. Determine how much downtime and risk your company could realistically handle, and choose your solution – and staff – accordingly. The services and data centres of a managed service provider are designed in such a way that it maintains infrastructure, networking and client connectivity at the highest possible level.

VpsCity will be available to you 24/7 so that you always have the support you need and, should something go wrong, your response time is quick. Companies seeking to maintain their own hardware but don’t have an in-house data centre will be able to turn to VpsCity for the kind of support an internal IT team would provide. This means racking and stacking hardware, provisioning servers and troubleshooting.

VpsCity aids business expansion with less IT spend

Companies face a potential sudden drop in revenue when their businesses become too complex and they don’t have the necessary mechanisms to support that complexity. Growth stalling occurs when internal dysfunction slows down business operations and affects management’s ability to make rapid decisions. This is not the scenario you want your business to encounter. Let us handle that administration for you. When your business expands into a new market, you need outside help because you want to be as prepared and as flexible as possible in uncertain times. You also don’t want your company to be burdened by services that might not fit your strategy in the near future.

Proactive maintenance and 24/7 support

Chances are your business revolves around fixing bugs in the system as they arise. This strategy negatively affects staff productivity. We offer our clients proactive monitoring of their IT networks with 24/7 support. This means issues can be dealt with before they affect users, which can lead to downtime. Our guaranteed service will deliver more than what an internal team can provide and allows staff to work with fewer operational disruptions.

A solution provider with various services

Companies that want to outsource their IT infrastructure need to conduct thorough research on the options available to them and how it will best benefit their organisation. However, one of the most important factors that determine the effectiveness of your IT elements is your provider. A good solution provider gives you access to a wide variety of services that complement each other, aligns with your business objectives, and offers expertise in your line of business.