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McQuinn Pumps - Case Study

McQuinn Pumps partners with VpsCity for a complete Infrastructure Transformation McQuinn Pumps uses its experience and expertise within the region to customise the latest water treatment technologies to the unique needs of their customer’s water challenges. McQuinn Pumps is committed to optimising and maintaining their customers water infrastructure, and has played a central role in [...]

Studio Publica - Case Study

VpsCity Leverages A Dedicated Server with CloudLinux Technology For Studio Publica Studio Publica embarked on restructuring some of their IT infrastructure services to improve operational processes, reduce cost and roll-out products in a quick time-frame. Like many companies, they faced a number of challenges, including: capacity constraints, efficient use of Infrastructure [...]

Total Access - Case Study

Customised IT solution from VpsCity ensures an ‘always on’ IT infrastructure for Total Access By opting for VpsCity’s complete IT solution, Total Access has been able to derive significant cost efficiencies and provide enhanced services which has created a platform for achieving high performance. VpsCity ensures continuous uptime for Total Access, allowing for seamless trade. The [...]

Carpet Court - Case Study

Carpet Court boosts service to clients by consolidating its IT infrastructure with VpsCity. By outsourcing its core IT infrastructure to VpsCity, Carpet Court has reduced costs, improved its services and, most importantly, created a platform for achieving high performance. The company’s IT operation is now more closely aligned to its business goals and better positioned to enable [...]

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