Studio Publica - Case Study

Studio Publica - Case Study

VpsCity Leverages A Dedicated Server with CloudLinux Technology For Studio Publica

Studio Publica embarked on restructuring some of their IT infrastructure services to improve operational processes, reduce cost and roll-out products in a quick time-frame. Like many companies, they faced a number of challenges, including: capacity constraints, efficient use of Infrastructure resources, unmanaged development environments, backup & restore policies that were not organised or implemented based on best practices.

Studio Publica worked with VpsCity to define a holistic solution that would accelerate IT deployments, condense resources and implement best-practices and policies for infrastructure management and efficient use of resources by leveraging a Dedicated Server with CloudLinux Technology.

Business Challenge

Publica is a multi-disciplinary Christchurch design agency. As a design-led creative agency, they deliver brands across multiple platforms. From the development of visual presence, to applications and websites, to effective marketing plans. Studio Publica serves clients locally and globally. Offering a world-class service to their clients and ensuring zero business downtime.

Studio Publica approached VpsCity as they faced challenges with the day to day reliability of their IT Infrastructure and the support that was offered by their existing IT network.

The requirement of running independent applications (specific to their industry) coupled with the usual applications that are required in a normal, day to day business. With significant growth in the size, scale and complexity of the work Studio Publica was undertaking, they needed a more robust business IT solution that would support the immediate and longer term business needs.

Value Proposition

VpsCity provided day-to-day management of their infrastructure and website hosting server which allowed Studio Publica to offload IT operations and server management without compromising their control of the IT environment, or their focus on architectural and network strategy required to meet business goals. VpsCity's global footprint promised consistent service, at all ends of Studio Publica operations, with 24/7/365 support.


Determine existing IT systems setup and provide an alternative solution for independent and scalable IT systems. Plan for, and implement new IT infrastructure and systems, and seamlessly migrate all existing data and users to the new systems, while ensuring as little disruption to business as possible.

Solution Snapshot

IT Network Infrastructure

Dedicated Server with CloudLinux to replace Cloud Servers


Dedicated Servers - HP New generation Blade Server with Intel Xeon Technology

CPanel/WHM - cPanel is the next generation web hosting control panel system. It is designed for the end users of the system and allows control of everything from adding or removing email accounts to administering MySQL databases, install scripts, eCommerce and more.

CloudLinux - CloudLinux is the first commercial OS that meets the specific needs and demands of web hosting. Imagine if servers going down due to one customer suddenly hogging all the resources was no longer possible. CloudLinux is making rock hard hosting stability a reality. CloudLinux does it better by isolating and controlling resource spikes to prevent entire servers going down. That means less support calls and less time tracking down and suspending accounts.

Fully managed service including operating system updates, application updates and complete server administration.

Storage - Idera Cloud Backup

How We Delivered

VpsCity offered Studio Publica the following services:

Dedicated Servers provide the following added benefits:

  • Studio Publica receives the full power of the server and does not have to share resources with any other clients.
  • Access to Enterprise grade equipment at reasonable monthly charges i.e. RAM, SSD and most of all CPU power.
  • A dedicated allocated subnet of IP address not from a pool.
  • Ethernet adapters are 100% dedicated to Studio Publica.
  • Optimum bandwidth usage
  • 24/7/365 support contract - no additional server maintenance charges

VpsCity recommended a Cloud Linux and PHP selector installation, this allows control for all Studio Publica resources per site. No longer does one site dominate all the resources on the server and doesn't affect numerous Studio Publica clients.

Enterprise SAN SSD Storage that makes use of more than 240 SSD drives in multiple RAID5 configurations that are striped to produce RAID10 performance with robust redundancy. One more really good benefit is the R1soft backup that allows Studio Publica to perform granular backups or restores at a click of a button and also retain backups for many months.


  • High availability of the IT infrastructure with 99.99% uptime enabled Studio Publica to respond flexibly and quickly to client demands and ensure a consistent experience
  • Efficiencies from streamlining of IT operations with a single service provider
  • Studio Publica team could focus on enabling core business activities
  • Secure infrastructure
  • Simple and intuitive
  • Enhances server reliability

Key Takeaways

VpsCity’s Dedicated Server with CloudLinux Technology offers Studio Publica a completely secure environment along with high-availability and data backup. Studio Publica is satisfied with its choice of partner and the service levels experienced by them.

With its hosting needs taken care of, Studio Publica can now concentrate on its core business and expand its market competition by providing new and innovative services to its clients without having to worry about the backend infrastructure and availability.

If you would like VpsCity to streamline your business in a similar way that we have done for Studio Publica, then contact our team of experts today by filling in the below form.

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