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VpsCity's Private Cloud Network

Private, Secure, Sensitive; All words that seem to be tossed around haphazardly despite the massive impacts they can have to a business model. So what is a private network and what does having that layer of security even mean? Let us examine the basics of private networking and cover the proprietary products VpsCity's Cloud Platform offers to help keep you and your clients’ data safe and [...]

Moving to a New Web Hosting Service Provider

There could be multiple reasons for businesses to migrate to a new web hosting service provider. The reasons vary from low disk space to poor customer service or frequent breakdowns of the server. Switching to a new web hosting provider may look overwhelming. However, in reality it's not so. This blog furnishes important points in this regard. Choosing a New Web Hosting Provider You [...]

These Third-Party Managed Hosting Benefits Add Huge Value to Your Website

More likely than not, you contribute the most value to your business when you are building and improving your client’s online strategy and designing sites that wow them – not in the office overseeing maintenance to your server and juggling hosting issues. So why not empty your plate? You are going to run yourself thin if you continue to try to manage the many moving and tedious [...]

New Variant of KeyPass Ransomware Discovered

If the infected machine is not connected to the internet or the server is down – the trojan can use a hardcoded key and ID. That means that in the case of offline encryption it won’t be difficult to decrypt the victim’s files. Manual Control The trojan contains a form that is hidden by default – but also contains manual control, meaning its form can be shown after pressing a [...]

Let's Start Your Own Web Hosting Business

It’s one of those things that’s so simple, you wonder why  everyone  isn’t doing it. Starting your own hosting business is cheap, easy, and safe, considering that every company (and plenty of individuals) need their own websites. But why bother starting your own hosting business when your plate is already full? Here are some reasons: Little Effort — Really, the web [...]

Let VpsCity Equip Your Server Against DDoS Attacks

It’s one of the oldest cyberattack methods in existence – and one that’s been around for nearly as long as the Internet itself. We are referring to the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. Although there are many different attack vectors a DDoS may exploit and many different methods through which it may achieve its purpose, at its core, every DDoS attack is the same – [...]

Five Essential Steps In Protecting Yourself From Ransomware

Not every criminal is interested in stealing corporate secrets or downloading financial information. There are some who have little interest in navigating their way through the countless security walls put up by most businesses. They have found a much easier way to turn a profit - ransomware. Instead of trying to make off with data that they can sell, they hold that data for ransom. If [...]

Don't Get Caught in Google's Not Secure Crosshairs

Time’s Up to Avoid “Not Secure” Warnings Google has officially launched Chrome 68 and, along with it, is now serving up “Not Secure” warnings to visitors that land on any webpage not secured by an SSL certificate. Don’t scare off visitors and send them clicking to competitors. Secure your website today so it instantly earns visitor trust and confidence. What Does It Mean to Be “Not [...]

How Will GDPR Affect Kiwi's

GDPR stands for ‘General Data Protection Regulation’. It’s a new European law to do with the management of how businesses process and handle data, and it took effect on May 25th this year. The question is – will GDPR impact your business here in NZ? Well, initially it’s not going to be too major, because it’s only being rolled out in the EU. However, if for example, you have an email [...]

SSD - Is this the memory platform for future server storage?

SSD stands for Solid State Drive. They are the latest type of computer storage device. These days you will find them in many high end desktops and laptops and they are increasingly being used in the hosting industry and by large corporations to store data within their server infrastructure. In this blog we’ll look at the differences between traditional hard drives and SSDs and [...]

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