McQuinn Pumps - Case Study

McQuinn Pumps - Case Study

McQuinn Pumps partners with VpsCity for a complete Infrastructure Transformation

McQuinn Pumps uses its experience and expertise within the region to customise the latest water treatment technologies to the unique needs of their customer’s water challenges. McQuinn Pumps is committed to optimising and maintaining their customers water infrastructure, and has played a central role in many keynote water treatment installations.

McQuinn Pumps offers on-site water analysis; planning, design and consultation work; turnkey engineering, project management and construction; commissioning; water life cycle analysis; as well as operation, water storage and maintenance of all water related projects.

Business Challenge

McQuinn Pumps had outgrown their existing IT infrastructure and phone system both in capacity and features. McQuinn Pumps required more comprehensive capabilities, flexible working features and up to date applications on their entire infrastructure.

They had a fragmented network with multiple contracts for the different elements of their infrastructure ie. lines, calls, mobiles, internet and hardware. This lack of integration added unnecessary complexity to all levels of servicing, support and payments.

The aim was to consolidate both McQuinn Pumps IT and IP telephony infrastructure, reduce costs and complexity. The challenge was to find a managed service for their IT and system requirements that provided competitive market rates and an efficient, global supported service.

Value Proposition

VpsCity was chosen by McQuinn Pumps to be its managed IT hosting service provider. VpsCity provided a comprehensive and flexible solution to cover all its requirements that included:

  • Infusion Software hosted via Windows Remote Desktop
  • SLA uptime of 99.9% and high availability 24x7
  • 24x7 power back-up and expert monitoring services
  • Burstable bandwidth available in a cost-effective pay-per-use model to accommodate peak time traffic loads


VpsCity implemented a turnkey IT operations setup to manage physical infrastructure, virtual environments, and applications for McQuinn Pumps.

Solution Snapshot

VpsCity offered McQuinn Pumps the following services:

  • Business UFB - ultra-fast broadband facilities providing reliable connectivity to all customers
  • Professional Cloud - easy to use, simple to manage scalable solution that can meet the most demanding needs
  • Zimbra - Legacy - bringing together email, calendaring and enterprise applications
  • Cloud PBX - a complete business phone service utilising the latest telephony technology: VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol

IT Network Infrastructure

McQuinn Pumps opted to utilise the Professional Cloud infrastructure from VpsCity, which includes:

  • IPv4 Addresses assigned to the Cloud Server.
  • A fully featured Cloud Server control panel. Boot, Reboot, Shutdown, Reinstall and VNC Console
  • Server disks are configured with Hardware RAID for disk performance and redundancy
  • Cloud Servers are hosted in our Auckland data centre
  • Full root / administrative access and control is given to the Cloud Server
  • The Cloud Server is powered by HP and Dell Enterprise Class Servers
  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly image backups
  • The server is monitored 24x7 and immediate action is taken if a problem is detected

Zimbra Legacy is an email and calendar server plus much more. In addition to email and calendar features, it provides document storage and editing, instant messaging, and simplified administrative controls all in an award-winning webmail user interface built with the latest AJAX web technology. It also provides mobility and syncs to all desktop applications for McQuinn Pumps. 

The structured end-to-end network management including a managed firewall feature, 24x7 email and SMS alerts, device monitoring, fault and change management and environment reporting provide an end-to-end experience for McQuinn Pumps.

IP Telephony Network

VpsCity was able to quickly & efficiently modernise McQuinn Pumps communication offering by migrating to IP telephony with the help of structuring Cloud PBX which is complete business phone service utilising the latest telephony technology: VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol. Cisco IP handsets for internal were configured, these handsets can scale to thousands of internal and remote handsets at any one time. The Cisco Extension mobility function is used to allow the rapid deployment and configuration of IP phones. Four servers support the IP telephony services in a high availability set up. The system supports Call Management and Voicemail as well as a custom greeting feature with IVR and custom call routing. It also supports both a Fax2email and Email2fax feature and conference facilities to cater for ten conference rooms. However, conference rooms can be scaled to as many as required. All VOIP endpoints are managed and deployed from the VpsCity network, and the helpdesk support team.

This solution allowed McQuinn Pumps to break all barriers to adoption of this new system and benefitted greatly from the results provided, which include: Graceful, non-disruptive migration to IP telephony, improved internet access and triple play support capability; greatly reducing cost and disruption; high voice quality, significant reduction in deployment time and cost.


  • Scalability and flexibility of facility and IT infrastructure to accommodate all projects and growth
  • High availability of IT infrastructure and 99.9% uptime ensures a consistent customer experience
  • Round the clock support, maintenance and technical expertise ensures faster turnaround times and improved performance levels
  • A robust and a scalable IT infrastructure helps support expansion and growth plans
  • Cost-effective, managed telephony solution
  • Trusted partnership with experts on call 24/7
  • Single point of contact across ALL telephony

Key Takeaways

VpsCity’s state-of-the-art data centres, its ability to provide the full range of managed services and, most critically, its superior service levels and support have given McQuinn Pumps rock-solid assurance of their Terminal Server and IP telephony systems being up and running even during peak volume period 24x7x365.

VpsCity manages McQuinn Pump’s RDP deployment, which sees a volume that necessitates 24x7 website availability and support. McQuinn Pumps now has increased visibility of the cost structure and has been able to make substantial savings on the costs associated with maintaining a highly available IT infrastructure.

In a nutshell, the association with VpsCity has led to significant business benefits for McQuinn Pumps:

  • Professionally managed RDP hosting and management from a single provider resulting in improved efficiencies and reduced risk of downtime even during peak user traffic time period
  • Reliable infrastructure that is always up and running with guaranteed 99.9% uptime SLA
  • Burstable bandwidth to match volatile traffic loads ensuring consistent user experience
  • Focus on its core competency – providing water management solutions
  • Round the clock support, maintenance and technical expertise ensuring improved performance levels of their IT infrastructure

If you would like VpsCity to streamline your business in a similar way that we have done for McQuinn Pumps, then contact our team of experts today by filling in the below form.

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