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Included Features

Category-Based Filtering

Give you control over which sites can be accessed by users on your network.


Quickly create exceptions to allow or block specific domains.


Custom block/allow lists

Whitelists and Blacklists

Can have unlimited entries in whitelist and blacklist to accommodate specific business needs.


Block malicious domain requests & IP responses


Real-time, enterprise-wide activity search & scheduled reports.

More Information

Content Filtering (Information Filtering)

Content filtering (also known as information filtering) is the use of a program to screen and exclude from access or availability web pages or e-mail that is deemed objectionable. Content filtering is used by corporations as part of internet firewall computers and also by home computer owners, especially by parents to screen the content their children have access to from a computer.

Content Filtering
How Content Filtering works?

  • Someone on your network begins navigating the internet with their computer.
  • They enter the name of a website (e.g. www.vpscity.co.nz) into their internet browser.
  • The browser makes a DNS request for the IP address of the machine that serves up this website.
  • The DNS request is received by an DNS server.
  • DNS server identifies the DNS request by looking where it came from.
  • DNS server looks up the matching filtering and security settings.
  • If the settings indicate that the website is allowed, DNS server returns the IP address for that website (e.g. and the browser goes there.
  • If the settings indicate that the website is blocked, DNS server returns the IP address of an OpenDNS server that serves a block page to the browser.

Why Do You Need To Filter Website Content?

A modern and effective web content filtering solution scans more than the domain name. It is able to break down and analyse web traffic making it capable to accurately pinpoint portions of a web page which should not be allowed into the internal network.

Better Security

Internet filters are equipped with advanced safety measures that guarantees the space you and your children surf is a more secure place. With all those fraudulent activities and cyber-crimes taking place these days, it has become increasingly important to protect your children from predators out there on the internet. An internet filter can block all these places. If you are aware of any content that your children ought not to visit, you can specifically block the content.

Inappropriate Content

Specifically, in schools and colleges or any other educational institute, it is very important to keep children away from inappropriate content. This is achieved by internet filtering. Applying internet filtering software ensures that children are viewing and visiting age appropriate websites and content only. Blocking websites that are not appropriate for children is one of the biggest advantages of internet filtering.


The first and foremost benefit of installing an internet filtering software is that it improves productivity. The websites that cause distractions are blocked and this in turn forces them to work more and increase productivity level. By installing internet filters, employers can expect an increase in employee productivity.

Content Filtering Benefits

VpsCity Content Filtering lets you manage the internet experience on and off your network with acceptable use or compliance policies, putting you in control.

Category-Based Filtering

The easy-to-use, cloud-delivered administration console enables you to quickly set up, manage, and test different acceptable use policies per network, group, user, device or IP address, giving you greater control of your organisation’s internet usage.


Our Filtering enables you to customise our category-based filtering to meet each network’s specific needs, particularly to help you meet compliance requirements. Quickly create exceptions to allow or block specific domains, regardless of whether it is in a category that is allowed or blocked.

Allow or Block Specific Domains

Allows you to create allow and block lists for specific domains. Whitelisting domains ensures that you can always access particular sites, even if it is in a category that is being blocked. Blacklists operate in the opposite fashion by ensuring that a site on the blacklist is never accessible to your users.

Block Page Bypass

Block Page Bypass lets you grant special permission to circumvent filtering settings without the use of any software or appliance. This feature enables you to assign individual users, such as your marketing managers, the ability to access specific filtering categories, such as social networking, or individual domains that are normally blocked on your network.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Content Filtering?

Content Filtering is a service that allows account owners to safely control the types of content their account members can access on their devices.

Can pages be allowed or forbidden manually?

Yes, our Content-Filter uses a blacklist and a whitelist for configuring exceptions to the usual categories.

How effective is filtering?

It is not 100% effective; however, the filter provider continually reviews and categorises websites to ensure accuracy.

What is the Bypass Account feature? How does it work?

Bypass Accounts allow you to create separate filtering profiles for users on your network. For example, you can create an alternative bypass login for yourself or another user and assign less restrictive content filtering settings while others on your network have a more restrictive setting.

How do I prevent users from using proxy/anonymizer sites to bypass the filtering?

You can block proxy/anonymiser sites as a category, in the category filtering section of the dashboard. This will block those sites, thus preventing users from bypassing the filtering.

I have a dynamic IP address. What should I do if my IP changes?

You do not need to worry about your IP address changing, as this is handled entirely by the router. Your preferences will be applied even if your IP address changes.