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Kevin Trye


I've recently setup a couple sites on your shared services. Both going well and especially delighted with the response and feedback provided by your key support guru Tarquin Douglass. This guy really know his stuff and I always come away having learnt something. This is the opposite we find with most hosts (local and offshore) where I end up with the impression that they actually know way less than I do, which is a big worry, since I'm no sysadmin. My last serious Linux work was done in the 90s setting up Sun boxes and I didn't enjoy it that much as the hardware, applications or network side.

However we've a client who recently went down the Amazon EC2 cloud route, much to my dismay. Their relationship with their local IT/Cisco provider was just too strong and emotion overruled logic, as often happens when it comes to clients wanting to take charge of technology and their own destiny. I wrote about my Amazon experience on my blog. Sent a link to Tarquin, but suspect he's busy doing real work as opposed to listing to the rants of an old engineer. You may find it useful in your sales efforts. If you use or copy it, just reference it to me please.