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Sue Meyer

McQuinn Pumps

Expanding business activity required our Business Application, Infusion Software, to be located on a Server - as we had stretched our local network of PC?s to the point of the application being slow to operate. Reviewing the cost of purchasing server hardware, setup costs, off site backups and on-going maintenance, versus a Hosted Server, made the hosted server option an easy decision.

After making contact with various suppliers of a Hosting Solutions, I chose VpsCity. From the initial contact I found the team concentrated on making the solution easy for me, a business owner, not only in execution but in understanding it also.

After the initial testing (as we a located 160km from the Server), I obtained a quotation for the server setup, which included features to simplify our staff access. After accepting the quotation, the Server was setup and configured efficiently. The follow up service and support has been consistent with the Professional Experience I have received throughout. I would highly recommend you contact VpsCity to discuss your needs, so they can help plan a solution for you.