VpsCity Adds Free File Backup System To All Client Servers

VpsCity Adds Free File Backup System To All Client Servers

You can either tear out your hair when disaster strikes, or you can prepare for it ahead of time. The new released VpsCity file backup system is one of the very best ways to protect yourself against loss of precious computer data, whether it's a result of a crashed hard drive or an unintentional deletion.

This file backup system is offered to all VpsCity customers. This system is compatible with all server types and is free of charge, however a VpsCity CloudDrive is required. The user needs to sign up with a VpsCity Essentials CloudDrive in order to use it.

The new released file backup system uses a tool called Rsync, which is a fast and extraordinarily versatile file copying tool. It offers a large number of options that control every aspect of its behavior and permit very flexible specification of the set of files to be copied. Incremental backups are performed, where successive copies of the data contain only that portion that has changed since the preceding backup copy was made. When a full recovery is needed, the restoration process would need the last full backup plus all the incremental backups until the point of restoration. Incremental backups are often desirable as they reduce storage space usage, and are quicker to perform.

Users are able to schedule backups at different frequencies and are also able to schedule backups as granular as hourly all the way up to yearly and store data incrementally. Users are also able to configure alerts for each backup and receive email and SMS notifications of success or failed backups. The user is a able to select the number of backups they want to keep for each frequency. Users can view all backups and choose which files are required to be restored to the appropriate server.

Complete Business Protection

Protect all your data and infrastructure, including physical and virtual servers, user desktops and laptops.

World’s Fastest Recovery

Reduce RTOs to seconds with VpsCity file backup system, which starts your Windows or Linux restores directly from our easy to use web based portal. Select only the files that you wish to restore.


Flexible Storage Options

Increase business resiliency by storing your backups in multiple VpsCity data centres.

Intuitive, Scalable Management

Reduce IT workload and overhead with a friendly, web-based management console for backup and recovery of all workloads and data.


Innovative Data Protection

Safeguard your systems from ransomware attacks with VpsCity's File Level Backup system and access your data from anywhere at anytime.

In a competitive environment, it is important to use the latest software to protect all of your technical information. The release of our file backup system provides the highest level of data protection and flexibility that you need.

That's not all – as its name suggests, this isn't just a backup tool. Even though you can use it without having to part with a penny, the new file backup system is a whole data management toolkit.

It's all very impressive. Once you've signed up, this application is a thing of beauty.

If you currently have a server product with us, this feature will already be available to use. Just click on "Backups" under the server product management panel and select "File Backups" to get started.

Give this job a name and select Enabled if you wish to enable it when the job is saved

Configure the backup schedule with dates, times, and number of backups you would like to retain

Configure alerts for your backup to receive email and SMS notifications