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Ian Stephenson Ltd

Our company have utalised several server management services in the past but have always felt ?disconnected? from the service and actually getting support had been a difficult none responsive task based upon their classification of ?critical?. VpsCity have changed all this for us and have brought to our business a truly great service that I can honestly say is second to none.

The equipment is the latest technology
Technicians are appropriately certified
Price is great value and excellent ROI
Speeds are excellent (faster than our own LAN and local server!)
Reboot if required is done within 30 seconds!

We have been assigned a specific qualified technician who is knowledgeable and responsive and he has been able to establish all our complex configuration requirements in Active Directory.

I am truly appreciative of the fact we have found a great service which I am confident we will use for many years to come. If anyone would like further information please contact me through our web

Thank you VpsCity, top service!